About me

About me

    My name is Dorota Sulima and for twenty years I have been traveling with my husband Igor throughout the western United Stated. We started travelling alone, but were later joined by two of our children, Wawrzyniec and Eleonora. Now Wawrzyniec joined me in producing this blog. He keeps a watchful eye on the technical aspects and he is the author of many photos on the website. We traversed most of the states (except for Washington which we have planned for the next year) of the west, we have walked hundreds of trails, beaten thousands of kilometers by foot, poured tons of sand out of our shoes and being exhausted asked ourselves the question “are we there yet?” hundreds of times, usually without a satisfactory answer.
This blog is a record of a couple dozens of my trips through western USA. It will provide you with detailed information about the well-known and popular places, as well as about spots not marked on any maps, known only to very few travelers who share information about them. Many of these locations I have visited multiple times, at various times of the year and day, what allows me to very precisely advise how and when those places should be visited.

We do not use any guidebooks, we discover all of the places ourselves. Some of our hikes are pioneering trips, there are locations which we uncovered completely by accident, usually while losing our way.

On this blog I have described the national parks of the western parts of the USA, together with some more interesting state parks. I devoted much attention to natural wonders located inside Indian reservations. I will give you tips on how to sightsee them safely and how not to run into problems with the land owners, which sometimes do not tolerate tourists, as a result of historical experiences.
I will provide descriptions of the most amazing hiking trails for the backpacking lovers. I included our adventures and detailed relations to the description, from the moment we set out, to the happy return, which not always was in sight during our trips. Here you will also find detailed rules of safe traveling, together with a list of essential things which need to find their way into every backpack.

A camera is an unquestioned companion on all of our trips. In relations from every hike you will find tips on how to photograph specific locations, as well as when and where to take set up your camera. From my own experience I know the bitter feeling of disappointment when you arrive at your destination after a long drive or walk, only to find your attraction in shadows, or what is even worse – in a penumbra.
Many of the trails described by me require driving on unpaved roads. You will find information on how to deal with them and what to keep in mind when renting a car.

Last but not least, I will give you advice on how to pack your belongings, what to take with you, and what to buy when you get there, in order to begin your journey well prepared, saving some time and stress.
I invite you to the roads and wildernesses of the wild west, we set out!